Flamingos is based on the idea that buying clothes is a declaration of intent: that's why we offer vintage clothing by the kilo that brings us closer to a more sustainable world and also helps you express yourself with your own voice.

More than 15 years selecting the best

For more than 10 years, we have established ourselves as a leading brand in vintage clothing, with physical stores in the main cities of Europe and in the USA, such as New York or Los Angeles. In each of our spaces you can find a wide selection of unique and high-quality vintage products. Pieces of North American origin to wear every day, vintage treasures for special occasions, pieces that are on trend and the basics of each decade, from the 50's to the 00's.


From our headquarters in Texas we continually receive new unique pieces that we are looking forward to reaching your hands at the cheapest possible price. For this reason, our rates are as adjusted as possible: €13kg, €24kg, €39kg and €49kg

And it is that in our stores you can find a spectacular collection of the 70's, 80's and 90's such as blouses, shorts, jeans and t-shirts, from €24kg, clothes with incredible prints, Hawaiian ideal for summer, vests of all kinds, baseball jackets three-quarter length pants, hats, vintage swimsuits, leather coats and jackets, flannel shirts, corduroy pants... and everything you can imagine to turn your wardrobe into a unique place to express your tastes and personality.


As if that were not enough, in addition to the stores, we have other places to show our love for the culture and vintage fashion of the USA. That is why we invite you to other spaces where you will enjoy the same:

- Bogo Vintage:

El Indio Vintage: a large collection of new clothing items, from brands such as Alpha Industries, Fred Perry, Dr. Martens, Loser Machine or Dark Seas with particular Vintage treasures: Hawaiians, a particular western collection, period dresses, corsets, 501, Levis jeans, flight jacket, perfect jackets and much more. Location: C/Tallers, 35 (Barcelona)
- Trash Closet: Sustainable fashion

- Flamingos Gallery: A 600m2 space made up of young designers where you can buy groundbreaking designs. Location: C/Tallers, 68 (Barcelona)
- Flamingos Records: an exclusive store with selected vinyls for €1. Location: C/Tallers, 68 Ground Floor (Barcelona)


From our headquarters in Texas we continually receive new unique pieces that we are looking forward to reaching your hands at the cheapest possible price. For this reason, our rates are as reasonable as possible: €13kg, €24kg, €39kg and €49kg Flamingos is your place, whether you want to redecorate your closet with a more punk, sixties, biker, navajo or Hawaiian as if what you want is to combine more sober clothes with details that are out of the ordinary. At Flamingos we classify clothing by style and trend, to provide you with a look according to your needs.

However, we believe clothing should be neutral, away from limiting classifications, which is why we don't organize our pieces by gender. In this way, we join the "genderless" trend, where we leave behind labels such as "masculine" and "feminine" and concentrate on what really matters with fashion: feeling comfortable. Because dressing should be a way of showing our personality, a fun and free act.


We have seen how in recent years an ever-growing community of consumers has been formed that is highly aware of sustainability issues. The dominance of cheap chain stores that offer identical and low-quality products has helped make us aware that fashion must be responsible with our planet.

That is why we work towards clothing that reduces consumption and helps us live in a society with a more sustainable economy. Buying at Flamingos means reusing a garment in good condition for a new use and thus building a culture where energy and economic expenditure is controlled responsibly, as well as pollution derived from dyeing new pieces. By buying used clothing, we reduce our environmental impact.


Flamingos has been the first online store that sells clothes by weight. By shopping from home, you save costs, you can see more clothes classified by style in a simple way, pay for your purchases safely and receive them at home comfortably.


Join the vintage fashion by the kilo, a free, creative and generous way with the planet of consuming fashion.


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