Fashion is cyclical, a reality observed and experienced with Total Denimso get ready to dust off your wardrobe with all those garments that dominated in the 2000s and have been brought back to life by Generation Z in 2022.

Did you think the Total Denim trend would fade away in 2022?

Nothing could be further from the truth!

The denim outfit of this year, 2023, brings back the most extreme Y2K fashion: midriff-baring tops, minimalistic tops, abundant rhinestones, denim fabric handbags, hats, and boots. It reminds us of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 MTV Awards.

That's right, denim on the red carpet—gala suits made entirely of denim from head to toe.

Keep reading to find out how to rock this Extreme Total Denim look in Y2K style.

How to Rock the Extreme Total Denim Look in Y2K Style

The new trend, set by Kanye West and Julia Fox during Paris Fashion Week and gone viral on social media in 2022, showcased a complete denim outfit.

And this event has piqued the curiosity of Generation Z for baggy styles and low-rise fits. That means no tight or uncomfortable clothing, but loose and relaxed instead. However, the trend is to show off a bit of midriff for an uninhibited feminine touch.

Bella Hadid has embraced this look exceptionally well and seems to love the trend, as she has been spotted wearing it on several occasions.

Major stores and fashion houses now offer denim garments that adhere to the cowboy style, each with their own unique proposals.

Denim Must-Haves from Different Fashion Houses

Dolce & Gabbana opts for a heavily total denim decorated total denim formula. So, if you're into big and flashy accessories, now is your time to wear them with jeans.

On the other hand Saint Laurent prefers an elegant cowboy outfit. If elegance is your thing, you'll know how to make it work even with jeans, and that's where the brand Saint Laurent excels.

Versace stands out with its combination of denim and prints. Color and shine are their motto, making it an ideal outfit for kids, teenagers, and lively individuals.

And if you spot decorated butterfly prints, you can be sure it's a garment from Blumarine.

Patchwork has been seen on many of the presented pieces, with jackets and pants showcasing this sewing style..

Minimalistic tops are repeated in many of the combinations. Blumarine, Missoni, and Fendance have made it clear.

So, as you can see, in the Total Denim trend that is making a stronger entry in 2023, loose-fitting pants, minimalistic tops, bold boots, and accessories dominate.

Are you ready to return to Y2K?

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