Miami, Los Angeles, New York, and now Barcelona. The fashion world has renewed its love affair with logos, making them bigger, bolder, and more uninhibited than ever before. We have transitioned from an era of austerity to confidently showcase whatever we desire.

The need to create loud, enormous, and eye-catching brands began to wane in the late 1990s, after logo maximalism reached its peak and a plethora of counterfeit products characterized logo clothing as "tacky" fashion. In turn, new designers who became like rock stars, such as Phoebe Philo, caused many brands to adopt a more subtle and minimalist approach to developing their pieces. The focus shifted away from logos, and other aspects of clothing gained more importance... until now.

Currently, we are entering a phase of audacity. It seems that people are no longer ashamed to wear logos from head to toe. At Flamingos, we bring you the fashion embraced by top Spanish stars like Rosalía and other musicians associated with trap, rap, and hip-hop, who are unafraid to dress in Big Logos. No more shame for what you have because you deserve what you achieve. That is the philosophy of the new generations and its consequences in fashion.

Now, the brands that made a name for themselves by repeating logos are back. Monogrammed bags, logos fused into geometric designs, "logo-centric" sweatshirts, logo-adorned fur coats like the one popularized by Kendall Jenner, and iconic retro baroque prints are making a comeback on the dance floor. At Flamingos, we revisit all that Big Logo fashion, originally created in the 80s, 90s, and 00s, and bring it back so that the latest trend also has that retro savoir-faire that makes it even more fun.

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