Flamingos Vintage Kilo made its presence known on October 28, 2022, at the "080 Reborn" fashion show, part of the 080 Barcelona Fashion runway 080 Barcelona Fashionthe world's first runway dedicated to showcasing second-hand clothing.

080 Reborn is a collection created with 100% second-hand clothing. It is an initiative carried out by the Waste Agency of Catalonia, the Catalan Fashion Consortium, and Girbau LAB to promote circular fashion.

This sectorial initiative is one of the pilot actions of the circular economy chosen by the European Union within the Interreg Europe CircE project for its innovative nature and potential to be reproduced in other territories

What is Circular Fashion?

Circular fashion is the fundamental proposal for achieving sustainable fashion in an industry that has been identified as the second most polluting in the world. It could be seen as a way of rethinking fashion.

Circular fashion is based on a production system grounded in the circular economy,which aims to optimize existing processes, create new processes, promote conscious use of resources, and reduce the impact of waste on the environment.

It is no longer a secret the large textile landfills that have been created worldwide. AtacamaGhana are just some of the names that top the list when it comes to clothing dumps around the world. They are true graveyards of used clothing that mostly comes from the United States, Europe, or Asia.

Therefore, the need for this industry to become sustainable and responsible cannot remain just a desire.

The Pact for Circular Fashion signed in May 2022, is a voluntary commitment between institutions and companies from different stages of the textile value chain in Catalonia. It facilitates circularity measures by promoting collaborative projects like "080 Reborn" that aim to:

  • Increase awareness when designing.
  • Prioritize techniques that lead to zero waste and fair trade when designing or marketing garments.
  • Promote careful observation of the process to identify, visualize, and correct flaws.
  • Question fast fashion and its linear production method that leads to production-consumption-disposal, in order to rethink more sustainable alternatives that are long-lasting. 000.

That is why, Flamingo Vintage Kilo we take pride in the contribution we make by participating in these events, not only with vintage clothing proposals but also with our Flamingos Recycledcollection, which is our own line of clothing made from unsold, damaged, dirty, or unsellable items.

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